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I am an Official Casa Guide,experienced in supporting people thru deep healing processes. I've spent many years  focusing on my own inner work and spiritual growth. I am honored to support you and create a safe space for what can be a most profound healing experience .

   John of God is a world renowned medium and spiritual  healer, who has been acknowledged by the Dalai Lama for his altruistic work. Over the past 50 years, tens of thousands of people from all over the world have come to the Casa of Dom Inacio for healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  Medium Joao channels over 30 highly evolved spiritual Beings of Light known as the Entities, who perform spiritual healings as a service to humanity.The Casa is a sacred sanctuary of love , healing, and high vibration. There are no guarantees for healing from going to the Casa, yet all who make the journey seem to benefit in ways  beyond the mind's comprehension.Along with physical healing, insight and intuition can  heighten, and underlying spiritual causes for illness can be addressed and healed.The divine energy and power that flow thru Medium Joao can touch, uplift, and transform  those who visit.

   From the official Casa website: "It is recommended by the Casa staff and John of God,on your first trip and possibly subsequent trips, that you go with an official Casa guide". There are many subtle issues when dealing with the energy at the Casa. The number of  people, and questions regarding the changing protocols can feel stressful and confusing.   
Having a guide will allow you to fully be focused on your healing process, organize your time, support you , help you to integrate and understand your experience, and achieve the highest benefit from your time at the Casa. 
Included in guidance fee is a pre trip interview and orientation,help in obtaining a visa and travel plans,a private room with bath and 3 delicious meals daily,a bottle of Casa water blessed by the Entities, a tour of the Casa and crystal bath session on your first day,accompaniment and guidance for your sessions with Medium Joao and the channeled entities, follow up support after each session, and at home after your return .

   Each week you can go before the Entity being channeled by Medium Joao, with your  intentions for  healing.When you go thru the line, a number of different suggestions may be made. You may be given a prescription for Casa herbs which are energized specifically for you, the Entity may advise a crystal bed session, you may be scheduled for a spiritual intervention(healing),  told to visit the sacred waterfall, or he may suggest that you  sit in the current (meditation ) room, where much healing work is done by the entities.  All of these processes are fully explained during my orientation before the trip and when you arrive in Brazil.

    Healing at the Casa is a process, not a single event.Each individual is unique, and their healing process is very individual.When the entity looks at you, they see a hologram of your energies, your karmic history, and ancestral patterns, and they help you to resolve the cause of your ailments,rather than just alleviating  the symptoms.For some  this may be fast and dramatic,while for most, it takes place over time,continuing well after you leave Brazil.The Casa Entities do all they can do to support our well being, and they have said that 50% of the work is theirs, the rest is ours....going within to see what we need to release,forgive, and change in our lives. The experience  at the Casa is a profound spiritual process that trusts in the healing power of love that permeates the work of the Casa.

More information is available at :
    Friends of the Casa de Dom Inacio    Casa Guide
Trip dates for 2019 are January 27-February 9 and June3-June 15. Cost is $2050 which includes hotel and all meals. Please contact me for further information at or phone  215-842-1657 
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