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Iris Wolfson has maintained a practice in holistic women’s healthcare since 1981. Her care is guided by a strong intuitive sense and a deep spiritual awareness. She is certified as both a nurse midwife and nurse-practitioner, having completed undergraduate work at Albert Einstein Medical Center and Temple University, and graduate studies at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of Newark, NJ.

After 25 years of including both home and hospital birth care in her practice,she now devotes her time solely to holistic gynecology, fertility, pregnancy and postpartum support and counseling, and her healing arts practice.

She has been educated in a wide variety of alternative modalities in the US, Europe, and South America, and draws from many cultural and spiritual philosophies. Her studies include herbal medicine, nutrition and vitamin support, homeopathy, flower essences, energy therapies, guided visualization, sound healing, meditation, Native American healing techniques, drumming, and Peruvian shamanism.

In Russia she worked with the International Women’s Health Organization to teach gentle birth practices, and has taught midwifery in remote Tibetan areas as well as Nepal.She has lectured and taught workshops throughout the US in therapeutic touch, holistic birth and gynecologic care, and shamanic practices.

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