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Healing Arts Practice

The modalities included in this practice have the common goal of creating a deep state of relaxation and expanded awareness , where access to one's own intuitive wisdom, insight, and innate healing potential exists.

Therapeutic touch energy balancing

Iris Wolfson has practiced this healing energy technique for over 30 years. Derived from ancient practices, it is used to promote the harmonious flow of the body’s energy by balancing subtle disharmonies and blockages in the energy field. Clinical research has demonstrated that therapeutic touch evokes a deep relaxation response that provides relief from stress and anxiety, helps to release physical and emotional trauma, expedites wound healing, and alleviates pain.

Shamanic drums and journeying

In Shamanic tradition, sound is used as a vehicle to help transcend the mental and emotional chatter, and to enter into expanded states of awareness. With Shamanic drums and journeying, the rhythmic drumbeat can shift awareness into other realms of consciousness where there may be greater receptivity for insight. By awakening the inner wisdom of the unconscious, one may make choices and decisions from a deeper place of internal authenticity and discover one’s own innate healing capacity and wisdom.

Sound healing

Sound healing is a vibrational tool that is sensed by every cell in our bodies. It has been shown to be effective in the healing process by reducing stress, aiding in pain management, and helping to create a deep sense of relaxation, peace and well being.

Tibetan Bowls

As with other sound healing tools, Tibetan bowls are instruments of vibrational balancing that help to bring the physical, emotional and spiritual energies into alignment. These ancient sacred bowls date back to Tibetan Buddhism where they were imbued with prayer in their creation, and used for transforming consciousness and for healing. When sounded, their gentle and soothing quality create a sense of deep inner calm, relaxation, and overall balance.

Peruvian whistles

These replicas of ancient Andean artifacts are instruments of consciousness transformation. They provide an opportunity to begin a process of seeing and shifting deep patterns, and act to clear energies. Spaces within consciousness are opened where intentions for change and healing can be held and transformed.

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